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Reloading Course


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Introduction to Loading Handgun Ammunition


The 5 day course will introduce the student to hand gun ammunition loading procedures. We will cover reloading safety, case preparation, primer selection, powder, bullets, reloading equipment; and the use of manuals, ballistic tables, component assembly, and methods for loading revolver & pistol ammunition, understanding headspace.  We will address selection of powders and bullets. The course will cover basic introduction to casting of bullets.

Suggested reading would be Lyman Pistol & Revolver Handbook. Can be purchased at Lyman’s website or online sites such as amazon.  Cost is between $15 – $25


Your Instructor: Robert Stahl (Bob) Certified NRA Metallic & Shot Shell reloading instructor. Over five decades of loading ammunition at all levels. Owner of Colorado Custom Cartridge Co. Federal licensed ammunition manufacture with over 400 calibers being offered. Specialize in unique calibers that rare, discontinued or obsolete. Match grade ammunition, special loads for sub-sonic, hunting loads and more.


Questions in regards to this course can be directed to Bob at or call 970-881-2929

Required items for loading project

Loading die set. 3 or 4 piece die set

Loading press shell holder (RCBS type)

Brass Cases in your caliber




Reloading Data Manual

Safety glasses OSHA approved

Hearing protection – for range days

6” or 8” calipers (If possible)

Your firearm (for range testing your loads)  It is your responsibility to make sure your firearm is in safe shooting condition.

(If you are unsure about what any of these items for your particular caliber, call and Bob can help make some suggestions)

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