Advanced Metallic Reloading

Our Advanced class is an all day class for one or two in our shop.  The student will learn to create a load for his/her firearm. The class runs $450 for the 8 hour day. This is set for one person to bring 2 firearms or sign up with a buddy and you each bring one.  Firearms need to be the same platform. example both AR’s or bolt action etc.

Student will bring his/her firearm, loading dies, and components to load.  Components should include prepped brass, primers, 2-3 different types of bullets, 2-3 different powders.  Why 2-3?  It does not matter what shoots well in your friends firearm or how well the magazine writer likes a bullet. What matters is what shoots well in your firearm.  In order to find the best load you need to try some different loads.

Students will leave with a documented load that works well in their firearm and the knowledge to load it. This knowledge will allow you to stick with the developed load and/or the understanding of how to further optimize your load.

 The class will start with a review of the firearm.  Firearms must be in good working order to create a good load.  if you are not sure your firearm is safe to shoot, please bring a back up firearm for load work up. If a firearm is deemed unsafe it will not be used in class.


To get the most out of your day, bring a lunch.  There are no fast food places in the area.

You will have access to a refrigerator and microwave.

If you chose to take more then a 1/2 lunch, that will be considered part of your 8 hour day

We do not have scheduled dates for the advanced class.

Your class date will be a date that works for you and Bob.

Call to schedule 970-881-2929